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Objektnummer 126048-1
Exhibited Resepsjon, Fornebu

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English description


Kirov-fabrikken ("1. Moskovskii Chasovoi Zavod"), Moskva.
Type "6MX". 1900-tallets siste halvdel.

Mahogni kasse med todelt lokk. Messingbeslag.
Manuelt opptrekk med separat nøkkel. Urskive med arabertall, eksentrisk sekundviser og "Réserve de Marche"-funksjon, for visning av gjenværende gangtid før trekking. 56-timers urverk. Montert i slingrefatning av kardansk type.
Serienr. 1694, preget på urskiven.

Founded in 1930 under orders from Joseph Stalin, the First State Watch Factory was the first large scale Soviet watch and mechanical movement manufacturer. Via its USA-based trading company Amtorg, the Soviet government bought the defunct Ansonia Clock Company of Brooklyn, New York in 1929, and the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company of Canton, Ohio. It moved twenty-eight freight cars full of machinery and parts from the USA to Moscow in order to establish the factory. Twenty-one former Dueber-Hampden watchmakers, engravers and various other technicians helped to train the Russian workers in the art of watchmaking as part of the Soviet's first five-year plan. The movements of very-early products were still stamped "Dueber-Hampden, Canton, Ohio, USA" (examples of these watches are very collectible today). In 1935 the factory was named after the murdered Soviet official Sergei Kirov.

As the Germans closed in on Moscow in 1941, the factory was hurriedly evacuated to Zlatoust. By 1943 the Germans were in retreat, and the factory moved back to Moscow, adopting the "First Moscow Watch Factory" name.

In 1947 the first wristwatches under the brand name "Pobeda" and the first Marine Chronometers and Deck watches were produced. By 1951 the production of wristwatches had increased to 1.1 million. In 1975 new machinery and equipment for manufacturing complex watches was imported from Switzerland. The first chronograph "Okean" (caliber 3133) was produced for the space station "Sojuz-23."

The last traditional mechanical chronometers to be manufactured were made at the No.1 watch factory in Moscow. Production of the MX6 chronometer began soon after the Second World War, probably using machinery taken as reparation from German factories in Glasshutte, the center of German watch and chronometer manufacturing before the war. The design of these instruments is very traditional and bears a strong resemblance to those produced by Wempe and Ulysse Nardin. They use an adjustable detent very similar in design to those pioneered by Dent and Poole; compensated balance with palladium spring is of a type developed by Charles Edouard Guillaume,the eminent Swiss scientist who also developed new alloys for watch balance springs. The brass parts are gold plated and steel parts including the pinions and fusee chains are chrome plated to protect against rust. The performance of these instruments is very good:they were rated to a third of a second per day and in good conditions can do even better. They were mostly produced with the name Poljot (flight) on the dial,although other names are occasionally seen. The numbering system is a mystery, although it is possible to distinguish the Soviet era instruments from later ones by the CCCP inscription on the dial. Information on the production of these instruments is very hard to find,but seems there is still a small facility in the No.1 Watch Factory on Moscow still making these chronometers for sale to collectors,and it is possible to purchase examples that appear to be new.

Høyde 19,0 cmLengde 19,0 cm Dybde 19,0 cm

Merknad: Aldersrelatert slitasje. Ca. 7 cm ripe på glassflaten av klokken.

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