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Seremoniell pipe - Sioux eller Lakota

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English description

Seremoniell pipe - Sioux eller Lakota

Myron "Butch" "Chaska" Taylor (1946-2013), Yankton Sioux.
Trolig ca. 1980.

"Chanunpa"- eller "fredspipe"-type. Skåret rødlig "pipestone" eller "catlinitt".
Sign "Chaska".

Chanúpa (in Standard Lakota Orthography) is the Sioux language name for the sacred, ceremonial pipe and the ceremony in which it is used. It is often spelled imprecisely as Chanunpa, Chanupa, or C'anupa.

Lakota tradition has it that White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the cha?nú?pa to the people, as one of the Seven Sacred Rites, to serve as a sacred bridge between this world and Wakan Tanka, the "Great Mystery".

The cha?nú?pa is one means of conveying prayers to the Creator and the other sacred beings. The various parts of the pipe have symbolic meanings, and much of this symbolism is not shared with those outside the culture. While sacred pipes of various designs are used in ceremonies by a number of different Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, cha?nú?pa is specifically the Lakota name for their type of ceremonial pipe and ceremony. Other nations have their own names for their pipes and ceremonies, in their particular indigenous languages.

Catlinite, also called pipestone, is a type of argillite (metamorphosed mudstone), usually brownish-red in color, which occurs in a matrix of Sioux Quartzite. Because it is fine-grained and easily worked, it is prized by Native Americans, primarily those of the Plains nations for use in making ceremonial pipes such as chanunpas. Pipestone quarries are located and preserved in Pipestone National Monument outside Pipestone, Minnesota, in Pipestone County, Minnesota, and at the Pipestone River in Ontario, Canada.

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Seremoniell pipe - Sioux eller Lakota

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