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Online Auction

Purchase terms and conditions

By bidding at Blomqvist Online Auction, the bidder accepts the following terms and conditions as binding on him/herself:

 On first bidding the bidder shall identify him/herself by providing the following: 
 1. Email address and a selected password 
 2. Personal details 
 3. Click "REGISTER" and you will receive this message: Your account is set up. An email will be sent to the email address given. You must follow the instructions in this email to activate your account. 
 4. Read and accept the terms and conditions for trading at Blomqvist Online Auction and Blomqvist´s privacy policy.

5. Register a payment card number. The information has to be registered only on this one occasion. If you forget to pay within 48 hours after you have received confirmation of a successful bid by email, this authorises us to pay automatically for you and charge the card you registered with Blomqvist. You can reduce the time period for automatic charging at "My page" if you wish. 

 Items sold through Blomqvist Online Auction are normally of some age. Buyers are therefore encouraged to investigate the item themselves before they bid. All items may be viewed during ongoing auctions at our premises at Rolfsbuktveien 4 e-f, Fornebu.
 The purchaser him/herself bears the risk for having investigated the condition of the item. As a general rule the condition of the item is not described in detail by Blomqvist Online Auction. In those cases where there is obvious damage/deficiencies these will be described under "Remarks" on the item display.
 If for example a painting has been relined (ie the canvas has been strengthened by a lining), and this is not mentioned in the text, this does not provide a basis for a consumer rights claim. On request, Blomqvist Online Auction can provide a report on damage, repairs and the general condition of the item.
 In particular, bidders should be aware that paper works (for example graphics, drawings etc) with the lowest valuation of NOK 12,000 or less are not routinely removed from the frame for investigation. Bidders should be aware of the general risk associated with framing not being necessarily professionally carried out without this being visible through external inspection and that the picture may have been stored without due care. For those paper works that are opened, the most important deficiencies or damage will be stated although the information cannot be considered exhaustive.
 The illustrations are only for identification and cannot be used to evaluate the condition of the items in regard to colour reproduction, repairs, damage etc.
 For jewellery, the weight of stones and stated qualities are generally approximate. Blomqvist Online Auction cannot guarantee their accuracy, particularly where the assessment is based on set stones. Where there are valuations this information is taken into account, but the information is not guaranteed by Blomqvist Online Auction.

 The purchaser is invited to notify any complaints to Blomqvist Online Auction within 30 days after the auction. If adequate proof is provided that the item has a deficiency that the purchaser, in light of the above, can claim as a basis for rescission, Blomqvist will let the sale be repeated against return of the item in the same condition it was in before delivery. Blomqvist Online Auction's responsibility is in every case limited to repayment of the hammer amount as well as commission and expenses. We thus take no responsibility for direct or indirect loss that the purchaser may incur as a result of deficiency in the item.

 A bid is binding. We point out that online auctions of art, antiques and pre-used items are not covered by “angerettsloven" (the Norwegian Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Act). There is therefore no right of withdrawal. 
 The item must be paid for by Visa or MasterCard within 48 hours of the successful bid being confirmed by Blomqvist Online Auction. After 48 hours the amount will be debited automatically from the card you have registered on your profile. You can reduce the time period for automatic charging at "My page" if you wish.

 When your bid for an online auction item is successful, the item is to be collected from Blomqvist Online Auction's premises at Rolfsbuktveien 4 e-f in Fornebu no later than one week after the end of the auction. If a third party or a transport company is sent to collect an item purchased, ID and a power of attorney from the purchaser are to be presented.
 If the item is not collected within one week after the end of the auction you will receive notification that storage charges will accrue and shortly afterwards you will be charged NOK 140 in storage charges per week commenced. If the item has still not been collected within one month after the end of the auction Blomqvist may sell the item to the highest bidder to cover storage charges, or give the item to a charitable organisation or send it for destruction.
 Blomqvist Online Auction draws attention to the requirement for an export permit for items covered by the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act of 5 June 1978 No. 50 including amendments up to 3 March 2000 No. 14. Blomqvist Online Auction can assist with export applications. Expenses from the institutions in connection with this will be added to the purchase sum.