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The maximum bid/auto bid works in principle in the same way as the advance bid in classic auctions. You select the maximum amount you are willing to bid for the lot. Blomqvist will then bid by the bidding increments that apply to the lot until your maximum bid has been reached. You do not risk paying more than required by the bid increment: as long as you are not outbid, the current bid will not be increased.

If another bidder bids above your current bid, your bid will be automatically increased by the relevant increment, and if necessary up to your maximum bid. The bid history can be monitored by going into the full viewing page for the individual lot. If you are in the lead you will find yourself at the top of the bid history. If anyone bids over you, you will be notified of this by email or SMS, so that you may continue bidding if you so wish. In the event of a bid within the last four minutes of the auction, the auction time-limit will be extended automatically by four minutes. This is to avoid bids in the final seconds. The extension continues until there is a winner.

Do other people have the same maximum bid/auto bid as you?

If two customers enter the same maximum bid for a lot, the customer entering the bid first will win/lead the round of bidding. It is the timing of the making of the maximum bid/auto bid, and not the time when the auto bid bids, that applies. The time shown in the bid history of the lot is the time when the auto bid was first entered.