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Online Auction


Be aware that online auction of art, antiques and used articles is not covered by the Norwegian "Angrerett" Act (right of withdrawal - distance selling). There is therefore no right to withdraw.


The purchaser is invited to notify any complaints to Blomqvist Online Auction within 30 days after the auction. If sufficient evidence is submitted that the item has a defect that in accordance with the above the purchaser can invoke as a basis for cancellation, Blomqvist will allow a resale against return of the item in the same condition as it was in before delivery. Blomqvist Online Auction's liability is limited in any event to repayment of the hammer price as well as commission and charges. Blomqvist Online Auction is therefore not responsible for direct or indirect loss suffered by the purchaser as a result of defect in the item.

Condition of the lot

Objects sold through Blomqvist Online Auction are normally of some age. Buyers are therefore invited to investigate the lot before they bid. All lots may be viewed during active auctions at our premises at Rolfsbuktveien 4 e-f, Fornebu.

The buyer him/herself bears the risk for having investigated the condition of the lot. As a general rule the condition of the lot is not described in detail by Blomqvist Online Auction. In instances where there is obvious damage/defects, these will be described under "Comments" at the lot viewing online. 

Blomqvist points out that framing is not included in the valuation of art and thus we describe neither damage to frames nor whether the glass has been broken. No compensation is given for this. Contact an art expert if you want a description of the framing. If, for example, a painting has been duplicated and this is not mentioned in the text, this does not provide the basis for consumer rights claims. In response to enquiries, Blomqvist Online Auction can provide a report on damage, repairs and general condition of the lot.

The attention of  bidders is drawn particularly to the fact that works on paper (for example graphics, drawing etc) with a lower estimate of NOK 12,000 or less, are not normally removed from the frame for investigation. Bidders ought to be aware of the general risk associated with the fact that framing is not necessarily carried out professionally although this may not be visible on external inspection, and that the picture may also have been stored without due care. For those works on paper that have been opened, the most important defects and damage will be stated although this information should not be considered exhaustive.

The illustrations are purely for identification and cannot be used to assess the condition of the lots in regard to colour reproduction, repairs, damage etc. We point out that colour reproduction is different from computer screen to computer screen and particularly coloured surfaces with strongly contrasting colours are difficult to reproduce correctly (for example, Gunnar S. Gundersen prints) and this is not a basis for cancelling a purchase.

For jewellery, weights of stones and stated qualities are generally approximate. Blomqvist Online Auction cannot guarantee their accuracy, particularly where the assessment is based on mounted stones. Where valuations exist, account is taken of this information but this information is not guaranteed by Blomqvist Online Auction.