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Opens: Thursday 30. August 2018 kl 18.00

Exhibition closed Darren Almond - Photographs

British artist Darren Almond will be exhibiting new photographs from his renowned Fullmoon series. The photographs will be sold to benefit the Norwegian/Kenyan Milgis Trust’s work to protect the elephant population and secure the ecosystem in the Milgis area in Northern Kenya.

Exhibition period August 30th - September 2nd 2018.

Darren Almond (born 1971, England) first appeared on the international art scene as a participant in the legendary Sensation exhibition in London in 1997, as the youngest among the group of artists who have since stood as the very definition of Young British Artists (YBA). His body of work has since then revolved around the personal story and the collective memory, concepts such as time and space, draped in a combination of empathetic closeness and crass realism.

An important part of Darren Almonds artistry is his landscape series Fullmoon, which he has worked on since 1998.  All the photographs are taken with a long exposure time under a full moon, which gives the photographs a dreamy, almost mystical quality. 

After 20 years and countless journeys to some of the world’s most inaccessible locations, Darren Almond has recently focused on other artistic practice. However, after a long collaboration with the Milgis Trust he decided nonetheless to travel to the Milgis area and reopen the Fullmoon series. 

The Milgis is a beautiful, desolate area which was on the brink of being destroyed by overgrazing, deforestation and intense poaching of wildlife, especially that of elephants. However, Milgis Trust and their founders, Helen Douglas-Dufresne and Pete Ilsley, through close collaboration with the Samburu-tribe, have in the past 20 years contributed in halting this development based on sustainability principles and co-operation.

This new six motif photo-series, [email protected], is the result of Darren Almond’s journey to the Milgis in October 2017.