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Contemporary, Modern & Classic

Welcome to the viewing in Tordenskiolds gate 5. The June 18th auction covers painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper from 1820 until 2017 and as always by acknowledged artists -
Krohg, Munch, Cronqvist, Hertervig, Weidemann, Atlan, Nerdrum, Rian, Båsen, Melgaard, Jenssen, Nesch, Karsten, Widerberg, Pushwagner, Barclay, Maning, Kivijärvi, Sandberg, Rødland, Kavli, Ender, Bjertnæs, Slaattelid, Anker Aurdal, Alveng, Blom, Sohlberg and more.

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Contemporary & Modern

We are currently seeking artworks for this autumn's first auction October 15th - High quality, painting, sculpture and photography from Norwegian and International artists from the post-war era and up until today. Ask our knowledgeable staff for an estimate today.

Consignments accepted