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Payment and collection

When you win at an auction at Blomqvist Kunsthandel, there is a 25 % buyers charge in addition to the agreed price for the object. This includes the 5 % art fee (only applicable to fine art).

After the auction the object shall be collected and paid for the same evening or at the latest within one week. The risk of any loss or damage then passes on to the buyer. A week after the auction, a penalty for late payment is applicable under the Act on delayed payment. Storage rental will be charged from this day at NOK 140 per commenced week. 

If the item is not paid for within a week of the reminder, Blomqvist is entitled to cancel the purchase, re-sell the object and the first time buyer is required to cover any losses to Blomqvist. Any surplus will be credited to the original seller. Blomqvist can also choose to sell the object to the next highest bidder. All losses will be charged to the original purchaser. Items not picked up within 30 days after the auction may be transported to external storage. All expenses will be charged the buyer.

Blomqvist note that export authorization for items covered by the Cultural Heritage Act of 5 June 1978 No. 50 as amended, may be applicable. Blomqvist may assist with export applications.

Blomqvist can put you in touch with companies for transport, packaging and insurance worldwide. In assessing the supplier, it is important to remember that the object in some cases may require custom handling to avoid damage.