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Auction: Tuesday 14. November 2017 kl 18.00

Auction today Modern, Classic & Munch

In the auction on November 14th there are several interesting artworks by Edvard Munch such as "Vampire" and "Violin Concert". This time the Munch department consists of 24 lots of which there is one watercolor , and one drawing besides a wide array of prints in black and white.


Nikolai Astrup is another artist which is well represented in this auction. In addition to a very fine edition of the popular hand colored woodcut "Soleienatt" you will find several paintings, including one of only four known paintings Astrup produced of the Astrupgaarden motif. The painting is the first of these that has been offered for sale in the open market. The estate, which is the origin of the Astrup family name, is rendered with such detail and precision that makes the painting an important work by the artist.

Other artists that we would like to highlight in this catalogue are Harriet Backer, Thomas Fearnley, Per Krohg, Knut Rose, Frits Thaulow and Nicolai Ulfsten, as well as several sensibly valuated paintings by Gunnar S. Gundersen.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts for more information regarding the auction

Birgitte Chr. Schiøth 22 70 87 89 [email protected]

Erlend Hammer 22 70 87 75 [email protected]

Elisabeth Vik Forsberg 22 70 87 76 [email protected]

Knut Forsberg 22 70 87 82 [email protected]

Toril Winger Johnson 22 70 87 77 [email protected]

It is still possible to consign works for the last auction of the year on December 12th. If you have works of art you are considering selling you are welcome to contact our experts for a valuation today!

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AUCTION: November 14th 6pm

Opening: November 7th 6pm

Viewing: 8/11 - 13/11 (mon-fri 11-5 / sat-sun 12-5)

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