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Auction: Tuesday 18. June 2019 kl 18.00

Current auction Contemporary, Modern & Classic

Welcome to the viewing in Tordenskiolds gate 5. The June 18th auction covers painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper from 1820 until 2017 and as always by acknowledged artists -
Krohg, Munch, Cronqvist, Hertervig, Weidemann, Atlan, Nerdrum, Rian, Båsen, Melgaard, Jenssen, Nesch, Karsten, Widerberg, Pushwagner, Barclay, Maning, Kivijärvi, Sandberg, Rødland, Kavli, Ender, Bjertnæs, Slaattelid, Anker Aurdal, Alveng, Blom, Sohlberg and more.

The viewing opens on June 6th at 6pm, but if you find something you would like to view more closely you are welcome to visit us at Tordenskiolds gate 5 for a private viewing.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts, or send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Birgitte Chr. Schiøth [email protected] 22 70 87 89
Gunnar Krogh-Hansen  [email protected] 22 70 87 87
Erlend Hammer [email protected] 22 70 87 75
Elisabeth Vik Forsberg [email protected] 22 70 87 76
Toril Winger Johnson [email protected] 22 70 87 77
Knut Forsberg [email protected] 22 70 87 82

Bilder fra auksjonen