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Auction: Tuesday 11. December 2018 kl 18.00

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The auction starts on Tuesday December 11th at 6pm.
The auction consists of works from all eras and it will be interesting to follow the works by Steinar Jakobsen, Vanessa Baird and Bjarne Melgaard, all of whom currently have ongoing or recent solo exhibitions.

With our newly set auction record - "Guldhornet" by Kittelsen, which sold for 12,8 million NOK - we are experiencing an upswing in the Norwegian classical art market, especially in works of the highest quality. We also find examples of this in our current catalogue, such as Hans Gude's «Fra Christianiafjorden», one of the strongest painting by the artist that has been on the market in many years. Meanwhile Frits Thaulow, Jakob Weidemann, Adolph Tidemand and Christian Krohg are also represented with very strong works.


Please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists with questions regarding the auction:

Birgitte Chr. Schiøth  +47 22 70 87 89 [email protected]    
Erlend Hammer +47 22 70 87 75 [email protected]    
Elisabeth Vik Forsberg +47 22 70 87 76 [email protected]    
Knut Forsberg +47 22 70 87 82 [email protected]    
Toril Winger Johnson +47 22 70 87 77 [email protected]    
Gunnar Krogh-Hansen +47 22 70 87 84 [email protected]    

Through expertise, quality and many of the highest average results, Blomqvist has secured it's place as Norway's leading auction house.

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