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About Blomqvist

Why use Blomqvist

Hvorfor benytte Blomqvist

Blomqvist is the auction house in Norway selling and handling the most lots in the course of the year. We are amongst the international auction houses that offer both classic auctions and online auctions.

Blomqvist Kunsthandel holds 6 auctions annually. These auctions have a clear profile which means that at all times we address the appropriate circles of customers. For the vendor it is important that your work of art is sold in an attractive marketplace. Selling by auction with Blomqvist is a simple way of putting your work of art up for sale in the industry's largest marketplace.

Each spring and autumn we hold auctions of modern art and modern objets d’art. The auctions are well-established and positioned as auctions at which the public finds the best the market has to offer of modern art and design. The auction is the most important platform in Norway for the sale of visual art, sculpture and design from the 1900s up to the present. The interest for the modern is waxing.

Blomqvist Munch auction, which comprises works by Edvard Munch, is held twice a year. The auctions are held at the same time as the Modern and Classic Auctions.

Our major auctions, in addition to our daily online auction, mean that each week throughout the year we broker art and antiques for a large and wide group of Norwegian and international vendors and purchasers. One of Blomqvist's strengths is that we can accept entire estates and major collections for sale. Our experts select the auction most suitable for the individual lot, whether this be the classic or the online auction. Our aim at all times is to find a type of auction and a valuation that produces the most successful sale. We also have separate special auctions for major individual collections.

Blomqvist markets all of its auctions widely. We are always proactive towards the press and our strategy at all times is to have the specialities and the good stories in focus, since it is this that creates the greatest interest in the lots to be sold. Our Experts Department is in touch with a broad group of purchasers and will follow this up through personal contact. Blomqvist's Experts Department comprises a full 15 experts with special expertise in many areas. Quite simply, Blomqvist offers a unique opportunity for a successful sale.