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About Blomqvist


Brudekrone, Jens Pettersen Smith eller Smitt

Blomqvist carries out insurance, sales and probate valuations. If the picture or the item is put up for sale with us, we refund all or part of the valuation fee.

Sales valuation

Sales valuation corresponds to the valuation price at auction. This is the price stated in the auction catalogue, whether the paper or the online edition, and it reflects our expectations for a hammer price.

Insurance valuation

The valuation should show the repurchase value. This will normally lie 25-30% above the sales valuation, depending on how challenging it will be to replace the item lost.

Probate valuation

Probate evaluation is normally used for estate administration and should show what you can expect to receive net on sale of the object. On sale at auction this valuation will correspond to the minimum price less our commission.

Advance valuation for sale

If you wish to sell at auction through Blomqvist, our advance valuation is always provided free of charge. This applies both to direct consignment to us and to viewing at home. For other valuations we invoice for the time used. If you wish to know more about valuation you are welcome to visit us, telephone us or send an email