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Loan and purchase of graphic material

Photographic files can be ordered on application to [email protected] Please contact us for pricing.

Otherwise the following applies:

The photograph shall be used only for the agreed purpose and only to the extent described in the agreement. The originator's name and the title of the work, the name Blomqvist Kunsthandel AS and the photographer's name are to be stated on reproduction of the photograph. If the photographer's name is unknown, just Blomqvist Kunsthandel AS may be stated. Similarly it is to be stated if it is an extract/segment.

Goods purchased for commercial use [?] are to be paid for in accordance with applicable rates. The amount will be invoiced after the contract has been received back in accordance with the purchaser's information on which photographs have been used. The purchase applies to the single use of each picture unless otherwise agreed. A usage commission is to be paid each time a picture is republished.

Electronic copies of CD-ROMs are to be destroyed or deleted after use. Purchasers are responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions of BONO (Billedkunst Opphavsrett i Norge - Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society). The purchaser is personally responsible for obtaining the necessary permission from the originator and other rights holders. For questions and any permissions contact BONO.

Purchasers are responsible for complying with all the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

Blomqvist Kunsthandel AS will be very grateful to receive a copy of any publication in which the photography is used, in order to document the file's impact area.