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How to sell

Do you have wine you wish to sell at one of our wine auctions? Here you will find everything you need to know about the sale of lots at the wine auction.

Valuation of the wine

You will find information about how you register and send in wine bottles for auction on Vinmonopolet’s own website.

If Vinmonopolet approves your lot it will be appraised by one of their specialists to determine the value.

Once this is done you can arrange delivery of the wine to our premises at Rolfsbuktveien 4e-f at Fornebu.

If you need help with transport, we can help with this. In our cellars the wine is insured and will be stored in the correct conditions until sale and collection.


Once the lots have arrived with Blomqvist, a final valuation and the starting price will be set after viewing. The valuation price depends inter alia on the history of the lot, quality, rarity, provenance and the balance between supply and demand in the market.

After receiving a valuation you enter a contract with Blomqvist. The contract contains a valuation carried out by Vinmonopolet’s specialist, a minimum price and sales terms and conditions. Once the contract has been agreed and you have signed it, the lot is included in the auction agreed.

Wine auction catalogue

A catalogue is prepared for each wine auction with descriptions of all the lots to be sold. This catalogue will be available on our website and in a paper edition but, because of the alcohol advertising prohibition, pictures and product information about the lots may only be shown on request. The online catalogue will contain at least one picture of each individual lot. 

Sale and settlement

Once the lot has been sold you will receive confirmation of the sale. Blomqvist sends settlement to the vendor about 30 days after an auction is held provided the lot has been paid for by the purchaser. The settlement you receive will be the selling price less Vinmonopolet’s and Blomqvist's commission, as agreed in the contract.

Vinmonopolet and Blomqvist are required to ensure that the provisions of the Norwegian Alcohol Act concerning responsible sale are complied with in conducting wine auctions. Accordingly there are age requirements for vendor and purchaser (18 years of age for wine and 20 for spirits), requirements for social checks on release and compliance with the alcohol advertising prohibition.