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Got any questions regarding the wine auctions? Please contact:

Sara Frimanslund
[email protected]
957 07 735

How to buy

Do you want to put in a bid at a wine auction? Here you will find everything you need to know.


The catalogues are only available online and are complete with pictures and information about the lots. 

How to gain access to the online catalogue:

Register as a user at here.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old by stating your age when you accept the terms and conditions for wine auctions.

View lots beforehand

The last week before the wine auction starts you can view the lots by appointment. The viewing is at our premises at Rolfsbuktveien 4e-f. Contact Sara Frimanslund by email [email protected] or by telephone +47 957 07 735 to arrange this.

Payment and collection

A bid can be collected and paid for during Blomqvist's ordinary opening times. Proof of identity must be shown. Remember that there is always 20% in addition to the winning bid amount.

The lots are to be collected within five days after the auction. You can pay by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) or by bank transfer.

  1. The purchaser collects the lot in person. Take proof of identity with you.
  2. The purchaser can send others to collect. The person collecting must be in possession of the authorization and a copy of proof of identity of the buyer. Or this must be sent directly to us [email protected].
  3. If you wish to arrange collection/transport, this is a matter for you, using an external provider. Blomqvist will release the goods to the driver. Before this can be done the customer must send an email to [email protected] with a copy of proof of identity, and the goods must be paid for. Blomqvist must check the proof of identity of the driver who collects the goods. 

Unfortunately we cannot arrange for export. Vinmonopolet and Blomqvist do not have export rights,and purchasers of lots must themselves contact the Customs for detailed clarification concerning export of lots.

Storage fees

If the lot is not collected within two weeks of the auction closing you will receive a warning that storage fees will be accrued and shortly afterwards you will be charged 140 NOK in storages fees per week there after (not including public holidays). If the lot remains uncollected after one month from the date of auction closure, Blomqvist may sell the lot to the highest bidder to cover the storage fees.

Age checks, opening time regulations and social checks on release

Sale of alcoholic drinks is subject to the provisions of the Norwegian Alcohol Act and therefore there is a requirement that purchasers of wine must be at least 18 years of age and purchasers of spirits at least 20 years of age. Furthermore such lots are not to be released to intoxicated persons.

Time and place

Vinmonopolet and Blomqvist set the dates for the wine auctions well in advance. You will find information about these dates on our and Vinmonopolet’s websites. The auctions are conducted at Blomqvist's premises.

Condition of the lots

All lots are sold "as is" in accordance with Section 17 of the Norwegian Consumer Purchases Act. The purchaser bears the risk for having investigated the condition of the item and is given the opportunity to examine the item before bidding. All lots can be viewed at Blomqvist's premises by previous arrangement the last week before the auction.

The quality of the wine is in part dependent on how the lot has been stored, the record of the producer and the vintage. Vinmonopolet’s specialists will carry out a general appraisal of the provenance and quality of the lot. Blomqvist or Vinmonopolet are in no circumstances responsible for the quality of the lot or its contents.

Pictures of the lots are taken for the purposes of identification. Neither Blomqvist nor Vinmonopolet are responsible for damage or shortcomings not revealed by the pictures.

Information about the lot and its origin is meant as guidance for purchasers in examining the lot. Neither Blomqvist nor Vinmonopolet are responsible for erroneous information, unless the error is the result of gross negligence.