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Got any questions regarding the wine auctions? Please contact:

Sara Frimanslund
[email protected]
957 07 735

Wine auction


The next wine & spirits auction will be held in April. We are now accepting consignments for our upcoming auctions.

Our wine auctions have moved to Fornebu, all bottles must now be collected at Rolfsbuktveien 4e-f.

Please contact Sara Frimanslund at [email protected] or +47 957 07 735 for a valuation of your collection. Please note that the auctions are filled up as consignments come in so they may be full before the consignment deadline. The catalogue is published on our website 10-12 days before the auction. Blomqvist, in collaboration with Vinmonopolet, has since November 2013 then held wine & spirits auctions with splendid results, and consignments have exceeded all expectations. Wine auctions are held by Blomqvist on behalf of Vinmonopolet. Consignments are submitted by private individuals and appraised by experts from Vinmonopolet.

Auction calendar 2021

  Auction starts Auction ends Status    
April April 6th April 14th & 15th Full    
May May 3th May 12th & 13th Full    
June May 31st June 9th & 10th Availability    
August August 16th August 25th & 26th Availability    
October October 4th October 13th & 14th Availability    
December November 29th December 8th & 9th Availability    

All bottle delivery  is at Blomqvist at Fornebu! You can find us at Rolfsbuktveien 4 e-f, 1364 Fornebu.

Changes in distribution:

The first time you place a bid you will be asked if you would like to collect your purchased lots at Blomqvist or if you would like to have your purchased lots sent to a wine monopoly in Bergen, Sandefjord, Stavanger, Trondheim, Ålesund or Hamar. If you choose one of these wine monopolies, the cost for transport will be NOK 150 per 12 bottles. Unfortunately, neither Blomqvist or Vinmonopolet can send bottles abroad.

Changes in bottle collection in Oslo:

The collection deadline has been extended from one week to 14 days. If lots are not collected within this time, you will receive a warning that storage charges will be accrued and shortly afterwards you will be charged NOK 140 in storage charges per week there after (not including public holidays).

How to sell:

In order to consign wine, beer or spirits to our auctions you must first report your bottle to Vinmonopolet for valuation. You will find the registration form 

and additional information on how to proceed on their website. Once the bottle is approved for sale, you may contact Blomqvist Kunsthandel to arrange delivery of the bottle: [email protected]. Final valuation and the starting price will be set on inspection of the bottles. Read more about how to sell here.

How to buy:

Our wine, beer and spirits auctions are held online only. Here you will find all the lots carefully described and valuated by specialists from the wine monopoly. To purchase lots from Blomqvist's online auction you must first be registered as a user and have confirmed that you are over 18 years of age. Once you have logged in, accepted the terms & conditions as well as confirmed your age, you will find the online catalogue here

About wine auctions and rights

In addition to Vinmonopolet's monopoly on the sale of alcohol in ordinary shops, Vinmonopolet has also been given the monopoly to arrange auctions. Sales are to be run in a controlled way and with age checks. Relevant provisions for auctions are laid down in the Norwegian Alcohol Act Section 3-1, sixth part and the Procurement Regulations Chapter 7A.