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Online Auction

Collection and delivery

When you have won a lot on an online auction, the lot should be collected from Blomqvist Nettauksjon’s premises at Rolfsbuktveien 4, no later than one week after the close of the auction. If another person or a transport company is sent to collect a purchased lot, proof of identity and the purchaser's authorization are to be produced.

If the lot is not collected within one week of the auction closing you will receive a warning that storage charges will be accrued and shortly afterwards you will be charged NOK 140 in storage charges per week there after (not including public holidays). If the lot remains uncollected after one month from date of auction closure, Blomqvist may sell the lot to the highest bidder to cover storage charges, give the lot to a charitable organization or send it for destruction.

The lots may be collected from our premises at Rolfsbuktveien 4, 1364 Fornebu.


Postal dispatch

All enquiries concerning postal dispatch should be made to: [email protected] 

Blomqvist note that export authorization for items covered by the Cultural Heritage Act of 5 June 1978 No. 50 as amended, may be applicable. Blomqvist may assist with export applications. Due to corona, the processing time for export applications is now longer than usual.

Many lots can be sent by post. These lots are marked with a post horn. Not all lots can be sent in this way because of the risk of damage. If it is possible for a lot to be sent by post, this will be indicated with the applicable price on each individual lot. For fastest possible dispatch, shipping should be ordered when you pay for your lot. When necessary, Blomqvist reserves the right to remove glass on framed art to avoid damage during transport. If you have other questions, please contact [email protected] 


If you wish to arrange collection/transport, this is a matter for you, using an external provider.

Blomqvist can put you in touch with companies that arrange delivery, packing, insurance and dispatch throughout the world.

Proof of identity and the purchaser's authorization are required when using a transport firm.