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Rapid assistance with estate settlement

Rapid assistance with estate settlement

Do you want valuation or pre-assessment for a safe and simple sale? We offer prompt valuation and quick sale of everything of value in connection with estate settlement.

With our 145 years of professional expertise, Blomqvist covers all specialist areas in art, antiques, design and jewellery. Our experts can carry out valuation at short notice. We carry out valuation for insurance, estate administration and sale. At Blomqvist Nettauksjon we put out new items for sale every single day of the year. Our auctions in Tordenskiolds gate 5 are held five or six times a year. 

Online auction is a simple and quick way to sell art and antiques. It takes only 14 days from an item being delivered to us until it may be sold through online auction. We collect and clear the whole estate - including outside normal opening hours. We also have extensive experience of selling well known and costly objects where full discretion is required concerning the sale.

One of the advantages of selling by auction is that the sale is carried out completely openly and this stops all speculation about whether the right price has been achieved. Blomqvist often takes on the sale of entire estates and we collaborate closely with for example Namsfogden i Oslo (the Oslo police department responsible for the enforcement of court judgements, the service of writs and debt collection).  

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