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Modern furniture and design

Modern furniture and design

We are experiencing great demand for modern Norwegian design icons and are doing special online auctions from time to time. We are always searching for the best in Norwegian furniture and industrial design, glass art and handicraft works from the art nouveau, functionalism/art deco and mid-century up to the 1980s post-modern style.

The perceptions-based exhibition series Norwegian Icons had great success first at Blomqvist, subsequently in Tokyo i 2013, most recently in New York in May 2014. 

The attention aroused shows quite clearly that interest in modern furniture and design is greater than ever and that more and more people are becoming aware of our Norwegian design history.

From time to time we are arranging a special auction for Modern Norwegian Design and therefore we are always looking for quality examples from the Jugend period, art deco, mid-century. 

If you have something you are considering selling, please contact:

Modern Design and Antique Expert


Telephone: +47 24 12 41 48
 Email: [email protected]