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Auction: Tuesday 12. November 2019 kl 18.00

Consignments accepted Modern, Classic & Munch

We are currently seeking high quality works by Munch and other significant artists. Modern and classic art, as well exclusive glass and silver items will be sold at this autumns grand auction.

Through expertise, quality and many of the markets highest hammer prices, Blomqvist is Norway's leading auction house. If you have art works you are considering selling we reccomend you contact one of our knowledgeable experts for a valuation today as early consignments often result in a higher hammer price at auction. Please do not hesitate to send us photographs and dimensions to or call us at +47 22 70 87 70

Consignment deadline October 15th

Notable hammer prices from last year´s auction
Theodor Kittelsen «Guldhornet» 1903 - 12.8 million
Edvard Munch «The Sick Child I» 1897 - 2.3 million
Edvard Munch «Self-Portrait» 1895 - 775 000
Peder Balke «Nordlys, Vardø» trolig 1870-årene - 700 000
Frits Thaulow «Vinterdag i Norge» 1886 - 700 000
Edvard Munch «The Kiss IV» 1902/1915 – 650 000
Johannes Flintoe «Tromsbrua ved Losna, Gudbrandsdal» - 520 000
Anna-Eva Bergman «Mur doré» 1963 – 260 000
Charlotte Wankel «Ved Stranden» 1956 – 230 000

Auction November 6pm
Viewing November 1st - 11th

Amoung others, we are seeking works by:

Gunnvor Advocaat, Anders Askevold, Nikolai Astrup, Reidar Aulie, Harriet Backer, Peder Balke, Anna-Eva Bergman, Marc Chagall, J.C. Dahl, Arne Durban, JF Eckersberg, August Eiebakke, Arne Ekeland, Axel Ender, Thomas Fearnley, Kai Fjell, Johannes Flintoe, Hans Fredrik Gude, Gunnar S. Gundersen, Arnold Haukeland, Thorvald Hellesen, Lars Hertervig, Lauritz Haaland, Hans Heyerdahl, Irma Salo Jæger, Ludvig Karsten, Arne Kavli, Ragnhild Keyser, Theodor Kittelsen, Christian Krohg, Oda Krohg, Per Krohg, Henrik Lund, Joan Miró, Edvard Munch, Gerhard Munthe, Rolf Nesch, Eilif Peterssen, Pablo Picasso, Johs. Rian, Knut Rose, Christian Skredsvig, Harald Sohlberg, Frits Thaulow, Adolph Tidemand, Lars Tiller, Nikolai Ulfsten, Gustav Vigeland, Charlotte Wankel, Jakob Weidemann, Gustav Wentzel, Erik Werenskiold, Roar Wold, Oluf Wold-Torne