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Auction: Tuesday 07. May 2019 kl 18.00

Current auction Modern, Classic & Munch

Welcome to the auction tonight at 6 pm. The auction includes works of exceptional quality from some of our most important artists.

The viewing has been dismounted, but if there is a work you would like to view more closely please don't hesitate to visit us in Tordenskiolds gate 5 and we will be happy to show it to you.

Jens Johannessen, Arnold Haukeland, Arne Ekeland, Frans Widerberg, Pablo Picasso, Jakob Weidemann, Kjell Nupen, Nikolai Astrup, Harriet Backer, Kai Fjell, Hans Fredrik Gude, Lars Hertervig, Hans Heyerdahl, Ludvig Karsten, Edvard Munch, Eilif Peterssen, Harald Sohlberg, Roar Wold, Arne Kavli, Peder Balke, Theodor Kittelsen, Frits Thaulow, Erik Werenskiold, Axel Ender, Adolph Tidemand, Johannes Flintoe, Jakob Schmidt, Gunnvor Advocaat, Frants Bøe, Gerhard Munthe, Johs. Rian, IC Dahl, Jahn Ekenæs, Henri Charles Manguin, Ludvig Munthe

Please do not hestiate to contact one of our knowledgeable experts or send an email to for more information.

Birgitte Chr. Schiøth 22 70 87 89
Gunnar Krogh-Hansen 22 70 87 87
Erlend Hammer 22 70 87 75
Elisabeth Vik Forsberg 22 70 87 76
Toril Winger Johnson 22 70 87 77
Knut Forsberg 22 70 87 82

Bilder fra auksjonen