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Auction: Tuesday 23. May 2017 kl 18.00

Auction closed Modern, Classic & Munch

Please enjoy our catalogue for the exclusive modern and classic art auction which includes art by Edvard Munch and other significant artists. We look forward to see you at the viewing that starts Thursday May 11th.

The auction contains a wide array of carefully selected, high-quality works.

Timewise, it stretches from Mathias Blumenthal's summer landscape «Paysage de Livornie» from 1746 via J.C. Dahls «Klintekorset i Liselunds Hauge paa Möen» from 1814, and up to Håkon Bleken's «Hommage à Baudelaire, Balkongen» from 2005. Also included is one of Matthias Stoltenberg's childern's portraits from the 1860s, three oils on panel by Lars Hertervig as well as three paintings Frits Thaulow. Two other highlights are Christian Krohg's portrayl of two seamen reading the Norwegian newspaper "Verdens Gang" from 1899 and Nikolai Astrup's «Skumring i prestegårdshagen» fra 1906.

In the modern section of the catalogue we can mention Anna-Eva Bergman, Jakob Schmidt and all of five paintings by Jakob Weidemann, all from different periods of his artistic career.

Last but not least we would like to highlight Mathilde Smith, an artist who in 1852 became the first female to receive the state travel grant for artists. Smtih's painting, from 1842, is presumably a variation of a motif by J.C. Dahl.


Please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists for more information.

Elisabeth Vik Forsberg  +47 22 70 87 86 / [email protected]

Birgitte Chr. Schiøth +47 22 70 87 89 / [email protected]

Erlend Hammer +47 22 70 87 75 / [email protected]

Knut Forsberg +47 22 70 87 82 / [email protected]


The viewing opens on May 11th, but if you find a work which you would like to examine closer, you can contact our specialists for a private viewing.

Selected works from the auction