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Auction: Tuesday 21. March 2017 kl 18.00

Auction closed Contemporary & Modern

For this year´s first auction we are pleased to present a wonderful collection of both Norwegian and International artists, as well as artists that are seldom to find on the auction market such as Hanne Borchgrevink, Olav Christopher Jenssen and Ole Jørgen Ness. We also have very good works by Gunnar S. Gundersen, Arne Kavli and Jakob Weidemann.


In the International department we would like to highlight Andy Warhol’s "Reagan Budget (Negative)" and also Diane Arbus’ photograph «Mexican dwarf in his hotel room in New York, 1970». The latter is also included in the exciting selection of photography where we present works by Per Barclay, Lisette Model, Mikkel McAlinden, and John Olav Riise among others. This section also includes a work from Per Maning's first photography exhibition in Bergen in 1985.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists:

Elisabeth Vik Forsberg +47 22 70 87 76 / [email protected]

Birgitte Chr. Schiøth +47 22 70 87 89 / [email protected]

Erlend Hammer +47 22 70 87 75 / [email protected]

Knut Forsberg +47 22 70 87 82 / [email protected]


OPENING: March 14th 6pm

VIEWING: March 15th-20th

mon-tues 11am-6pm / sat-sun 12-6pm

AUCTION: March 21st 6pm

Images from the auction