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Auction: Tuesday 15. December 2015 kl 18.00

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The 15th of December auction holds a carefully curated selection of quality works from all eras, from contemporary to older paintings. The complete catalogue is now available online.

In this auction we present many interesting works, and some of the highlights include: Gude, Thaulow, Krogh, Werenskiold, Ekeland, Fjell, Fearnley and Dahl along with a pair of rare portraits by Blumenthal.

Among the more recent works are artists such as Sitter, Weidemann, Nupen, Rose, Furunes, Fenn, Killi Olsen and Bjertnes.

In our small but exclusive selection of antiques we present a beautiful bridal crown and two fantastic chest of drawers from Peder Aadnes.

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OPENING: December 8th 6pm-8pm

Wednesday December 9th 11am - 5pm

Thursday December 10th 11am - 5pm

Friday December 11th 11am - 5pm

Saturday December 12th 12 noon- 4pm

Sunday December 13th 12 noon- 4pm

Monday December 14th 11am - 5pm

AUCTION: December 15th 6pm

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A selection of lots available at auction