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Auction: Tuesday 20. October 2020 kl 18.00

Auction closed Blomqvist 150 years Anniversary auction

Blomqvist celebrates it's 150 years with a grand anniversary auction! We are very proud of the art works that are cosigned to this momentous occasion in Blomqvist's history and are looking forward to the Anniversary Auction on October 20th. Viewing and auction will take place in Tordenskiolds gate 5.

We dare say that this is the most significant auction that has ever been presented in Norway, especially due to Theodor Kittelsen's "Andersnatten", which is arguably one of the most important paintings in Norwegian art history.

It is also an honour to present some of Harald Sohlberg's "Havfruer" or "Mermaids" which are on the market for the first time. This is a motif which is closely related to Munch's "Madonna".

We have also included an exclusive selection of works by Edvard Munch. The large painting "Pine Forest" is a rare opportunity to secure an oil of Munch as most of his art is in museums around the world. You will also find the much sought after lithograph "The Brooch. Eva Mudocci" from an important period in Munch's production, in addition to iconic motifs such as "History", "Desire", "The Sick Child", "Death in the Sickroom" and "Attraction II".

Modern art, contemporary art and photography are also well represented - including two works by Gunnar S. Gundersen which currently has an exhibition at SKMU in Kristiansand, Olav Chr. Jenssen who is on exhibit at Galleri Riis in Oslo and AK Dolven who recently installed "Untuned Bell" on Honnørbryggen in the middle of Oslo city center.

In these days with several museum doors closed - it is a privilege to be able to show Norwegian art at its best. Feel free to book a private tour at a time that suits you.

Opening Saturday October 3rd 12 noon
Viewing October 3rd - 19th
Our specialists offer private tours, please don't hesitate to contact us at +47 22 70 87 70 or [email protected] for a booking.

To participate in the bidding in the salesroom you must reserve a seat in advance. It is also possible to place telephone or absentee bids as well as live bidding. The auction will be streamed on på Facebook and on our website.

For seat reservation, contact [email protected]