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Privacy Policy

Version 2018-07-01

Data Processor Responsibility:
The terms and conditions apply both to Blomqvist Kunsthandel and Blomqvist Nettauksjon AS, and to all the companies and services that are accessible through

Blomqvist Nettauksjon AS, (company registration number NO910 686 720MVA),  Rolfsbuktveien 4 e-f, N-1364 Fornebu, and Blomqvist Kunsthandel AS, (company registration number NO 913 111 761MVA),  Rolfsbuktveien 4, N-1364 Fornebu (hereafter «Blomqvist») comply with the provisions of the new EU Data Protection Regulation and have data processor responsibility for the personal data that are gathered and processed about you as a customer and user of

Please send any inquiries regarding these terms and conditions to: [email protected]

How personal information is applied:
For the purposes covered by these terms and conditions personal information can be processed by all the companies in the Blomqvist Group or by the Group’s affiliated companies in order to fulfil the obligations we have towards you as a customer – hauliers for instance.

Basic principles:
Blomqvist is committed to respecting and protecting your personal information and your personal integrity in accordance with current legislation, industry-related rules and other relevant norms. In order for you to be able to look into how we process the information about you in line with this, you can read more about our basic principles for processing personal information in the following:

Gathering and processing information – purpose and processing basis:

Blomqvist only processes whatever personal information about you is necessary to satisfy the purpose of the processing.

1. Customer agreements

Personal information is processed in order for us to be able to implement the agreements we have entered into with you as a customer. This will be in connection with the following situations:

  • Delivery of objects for valuation, auction, intermediary activity, exhibitions
  • Using or purchasing other activities and services under the auspices of Blomqvist or with Blomqvist as an affiliate, such as appraisals, pricing, customer events etc.
  • As a bidder in our  auctions
  • Purchasing art and other objects through our intermediary services
  • Setting up an account at our website in order to make use of our online appraisals, bidding, purchasing and ordering
  • Subscribing to our catalogues and newsletters.

2. Subcontractors and third parties

  • All the subcontractors who process personal information on behalf of Blomqvist have made a data processor agreement with us. These may be for instance developers and operating partners of
  • The personal information will be passed on to subcontractors if the service you have booked requires it, for instance when using external assistance for appraisals, hauliers etc.
  • Personal information can be passed on to subcontractors and other third parties if this is necessary for the purpose and you have consented actively to it. This could for instance be for a museum that is going to borrow a piece of art you own for an exhibition and you have consented to it after we contacted you.
  • Personal information will never be passed on to subconstractors and other third parties for marketing or other purposes unless you have actively consented to it.
  • Personal information is processed in order for us to meet our legal obligations in accordance with laws and regulations. This applies to such things as reports to the police under the Secondhand Trading Regulation.

3. Industry-related norms

Personal data are stored in accordance with industry-related norms out of consideration for the provenance of the objects, i.e. their history. The information is not used without consent or unless anonymity and integrity are safeguarded in accordance with our customers’ wishes. Documentary evidence of ownership is provided in order to protect and preserve the objects’ value over time, and consequently the value of present and future owners’ property.

4. Legal obligations

a)     Proof of identity and date of birth

In order for Blomqvist to be able to meet its legal obligations under the Secondhand Trading Act (LOV-1999-12-22-105) and its regulation (FOR-1999-12-22-1379), and the Alcohol Act (LOV-1989-06-02-27), proof of identity must be produced when delivering and selling lots, and the date of birth will be obtained and stored. In certain cases verification of the proof of identity will be required and it will subsequently be necessary to make a copy.

In order for us to be certain that the lots are delivered to the right person, proof of identity must also be produced when the object is collected. Data relating to the proof of identity is stored.

b)     Account numbers and payment information

In order to be able to settle up with the seller we must store the account number. In order to bid at Blomqvist online an approved payment card (a credit card or a debit card) is required to be stored.

The personal information, banking and payment information you provide is with in connection with purchases and sales is stored on our ERP system in accordance with the current accounting and book-keeping legislation at any time.

c)     Cooperation with the police and the authorities

Blomqvist cooperates with the police in Norway and internationally, which means providing the relevant authorities with information in accordance with legislation and court rulings if required, for instance for the purpose of clearing up thefts and preventing money laundering and the financing of terror etc.

d)     Customer service and dialogue with customers

The e-mail address you registered with us is our main channel of contact with you for conveying changes in our contractual terms and conditions and dialogue on specific contractual matters etc. It will also be used to pass on important information.  You yourself must ensure the e-mail address is correct and up-to-date.  It will be used for the above purpose for as long as you have a customer relationship with us, without further active consent.

Personal data and other information that Blomqvist staff or third parties will need in connection with customer service and support can be stored in order to be able to carry out support, corrections and complaints and for providing better customer service in each individual situation and for the future.

e)     Active consent

Your e-mail address is only used for sending out newsletters and other direct marketing items if you have actively given your explicit consent. You can give active consent during the registration process or via My Page («Min side»). You can also retract it at any time via the deregistration link in the newsletters or at My Page.

Based on the same consent, the registration of auction notifications etc., personal information such as your address, your bids, and purchase and sales statistics is dealt with at Blomqvist so that we will be able to send information that we believe to be of particular interest to you.

We send current information on ongoing, upcoming and closed bids in relation to lots you have actively bid for and relative to what you put on My Page.

We use social media in our marketing. To the extent that you like, share or post information on these media you are accepting the medium’s privacy policy. These media are subject to GDPR, the European data protection regulation, as is Blomqvist and all the other European businesses. 

f)      Information about you for you on My Page

You will find information that is relevant to you on My Page or you will have access to it. This is an overview of purchases and sales, bid history, your subscription to our newsletter, notification of auctions etc. You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from our newsletter via this page and be in control of your customer relationship. You are responsible yourself for making sure that personal information from My Page does not go astray by protecting your user name and password.

g)     Using cookies, statistics and analysis

The website uses cookies. You can read more about it here: 

For statistical and business development purposes we use aggregate information that has been anonymised, such as for instance the year of birth and the gender in the social security number, and the zip code in the address. We also use a bid history linked to the object, not the person.

Your IP address with log-in, bid and purchase is stored and processed in order for certain risk assessments to be made, and to prevent Blomqvist or the seller being subjected to fraud or deceptive behaviour.

h)     Camera surveillance on our premises

We carry out camera surveillance on all our premises. The recordings are processed in order to maintain a safe and secure work environment for our employees, to protect our customers and our property and that of our customers. We sell on commission, so objects that are stored at our premises are owned by our customers. The recordings can be delivered to the police in cases involving the police. 

Safety and security and access to personal information

1. Systems and procedures

Blomqvist protects your personal data by employing technical and organisational security measures. In order to prevent unauthorised access to your personal data we have a data processor agreement with all the external players that process data on our behalf through their systems, such as server suppliers etc. We also have internal procedures and role-managed access control. The bidder’s customer number is encrypted on our website and in certain connections it is also anonymised in our internal systems The traffic to and from these systems goes via https.

The staff at Blomqvist has access to personal information in order to be able to do their work. Access in the system is role-managed. Our principles are that our staff is not to have access to more information than that which is necessary to maintain a good level of service and for us to be able to deliver in accordance with the agreement we have made with you and will be able to make with you in future.

Affiliates, like those providing transport services, have access to whatever personal information is necessary to be able to deliver according to agreement with you or your proxy. If someone is to act on your behalf we have to have a power of attorney document from you, with a proof of identity. Your proxy has to prove their identity with a power of attorney, in the same way that the buyer and the seller have to.

2. Payment by card

When payment by card is used at Blomqvist encrypted card information is delivered directly to the payment terminal and is processed by Verifone og Swedbank for authentication, approval and reconciliation of the transaction and therefore to the card-issuing bank.  When payment is made via our website the payment information is handled by our affiliates for payment by card. This is currently Nets.

No information on payment cards or other means of payment is processed by Blomqvist.

3. Transfers to third countries

Blomqvist and our suppliers and subcontractors only process your personal information within the EU/ EEA. Should situations arise where the information has to be processed outside of the EU/ EEA, we will obtain special consent from customers who are affected, if this falls outside the principles and legal obligations.

4. Storage time

Blomqvist does not store your personal data longer than that which is permitted by law, practice and industry-related norms, and in order to fulfil the obligations or the agreements we have made with you as a customer.

Any details you provide as part of your user account at are stored until you ask for the account to be deleted, or the account has been completely inactive for 24 months and you do not actively ask for it to be kept active after having been notified of a possible deletion.

E-mails are sent out two months before the account is deleted with information as to what you must do if it is not to be deleted in accordance with the above guidelines.

After the account has been deleted, we will continue storing the information required to meet our legal obligations in accordance with other laws and rules regulating our business. The following are examples of this: accounting and bookkeeping legislation, the Secondhand Trading Act and its regulation, and industry-related norms.

In accordance with the principle on justified interest and industry-related norms we also keep certain information (such as name, address, e-mail address and IP address) on user accounts. We do this to safeguard the objects’ provenance. This is also relevant when the account is considered to have been used (and consequently has been blocked by Blomqvist’ security department) for e.g. false bids and other unauthorised behaviour on the platform. 

Your rights

Blomqvist wants all the information we process to be correct. This also applies to the personal information we gather. In those cases where the information turns out to be wrong, it is corrected without undue delay.

As a customer you are entitled to know about the information we store about you and how it is used.

You have a right to limit the processing of personal information and the right to oppose sensitive personal information being processed when it is not required by law or under the industry-related norm. You can also demand in certain circumstances that personal information is deleted. You can ask for an overview of all the personal data we store on you and ask that they be transferred to other players responsible for data processing. They are to be passed over to you in an applicable format.

 If you want access to your personal data or have other questions you can contact us. Please see the contact information below. When changes are requested we must have a confirmed identity so that no one else can change your data. Blomqvist is working to automate this type of identity control, but for the time being this has to be done manually by making your proof of identity available to us.

Contact information for Blomqvist:

Blomqvist Kunsthandel AS
Tel: + 47 22 70 87 70
Address: Rolfsbuktveien 4, 1364 Fornebu (Norway)

Blomqvist Nettauksjon AS
Tel: +47 45 93 92 00
Address: Rolfsbuktveien 4 e-f, 1364 Fornebu (Norway)

E-mails: [email protected]

If you are not satisfied with how we are processing your personal data you are entitled to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority  (Datatilsynet). Please read more about the process of making a complaint here: